How To Build a Rans S7 Courier

Welcome to Just Plane Frank's!

This web page covers the building of a Homebuilt aircraft called the Rans S7 Courier.  During the process I have posted construction photos as all the little parts became bigger parts and the bigger parts started looking like airplane parts. The whole process took almost threeaward years. Lots of S7s have been built in much shorter time but I did the majority of my building on weekends along with some vacation time. The airplane first flew in March of 2003 and has been a real joy to fly. My biggest trip has been from the SkyRanch Airport(TN98) which is my home airport in Knoxville TN to the Sun n Fun fly-in in Lakeland FL. While there my S7 won the Best Tube and Fabric award which was a major thrill and made all those years of building worth the effort. The site is divided into pages covering the various building stages and some of my flying adventures. So come on in and see what's involved in building your very own homebuilt aircraft!

We have a very active RansS7Courier Yahoo Group where builders and flyers share information on building and flying the S7. If you would like to check it out just click on the logo!


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